A Great Place To Learn


18 months – 2 years 

Teacher Student Ratio 1 to 5  

The classroom is structured to create an environment where the children feel comfortable. The teacher helps the children build social skills with the goal of learning to share with one another. Communication is a major focus; the children learn vocabulary words and work to express themselves in sentences. Along with singing and story time the children make art projects that correlate with the curriculum.


2 years – 2 1/2 years 

Teacher Student Ratio 1 to 7

The teacher is focused on helping each child build fine motor skills. The children begin to scribble on paper, identifying color, and start to create an image of lines. These skills lead to learning how to hold a writing device properly. Children are proud of their work and like to express this with joy.

Children at this age often find a close friend they can rely on. The teacher encourages these friendships while also guiding the child to participate in group circle time and crafts.


3 years

Teacher Student Ratio 1 to 10

The teacher works with the children to strengthen their tracing and letter writing skills. The children start to become more independent and are able to follow directions. They have a longer attention span and are very curious about what the teacher’s lessons, especially about the world around them. Children at this age become very confident in their work and their imagination starts to develop greatly.


4 years

Teacher Student Ratio 1 to 12

The main focus for this class is for the students to be ready for Kindergarten. The goal is for the students to be at ease as they transition from a small nurturing school to a big public school.

The teacher encourages the children to think and use their creativity in discussions and projects. The teacher also starts to introduce short words and phonetic awareness so students can start to build words on their own. The students are inspired to become more independent and have a positive self image. They have an interest in wanting to learn new things and begin to participate in new and unfamiliar activities.