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January 2017 through August 2017

Full Time
Monday through Friday, 6 hours or more per day (7:00AM-6:30PM)

Half Time
Monday through Friday, Morning Session (7:00AM-12:30PM)
Monday through Friday, Afternoon Session (12:30PM-6:30PM)

4 Full Days
6 hours or more per day

4 Half Days
Morning Session (7:00AM-12:30PM)
Afternoon Session (12:30PM-6:30PM)

3 Full Days
6 hours or more per day

3 Half Days
Morning Session (7:00AM-12:30PM)
Afternoon Session (12:30PM-6:30PM)

2 Full Days
6 hours or more per day

2 Half Days
Morning Session (7:00AM-12:30PM)
Afternoon Session (12:30PM-6:30PM)

Registration Fee
Initial Registration Fee for New Students – Non-Refundable

School Year or Camp Monthly


















Payment & Scheduling Policy
  • Tuition Invoices are sent via email on the 20th of the month prior to their due date on the 1st.
  • Monthly Tuition Fees are due in full on or before the first day of class each month.
  • A 5% late fee will be accessed after the 10th of each month unless other payment schedule is pre-arranged.
  • Children whose tuition is not paid will not be admitted to class.
  • Payment may be paid at the school or via email invoice. We accept check, money order, cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
Late Pickup Fees

Parents who do not arrive by 6:30 PM to pick up a child will be subject to a late fee of $10 per ten minutes, or fraction thereof, for each child.  This will appear on the next monthly statement.

Enrollment Deposits
  • An Enrollment Deposit is equal to one month’s tuition will be required upon enrollment.
  • Enrollment deposit will be applied to the last month’s tuition.
Enrollment Period
  • Tuition is payable monthly for the enrolled school year from September through June regardless of missed days, illness, vacation, holidays, etc.
  • Enrollment for selected weeks during July & August Summer Camp must be pre-selected and subject to the same terms once selected.
  • Missed days may not be made up.
  • A temporary advanced schedule change can be made by discussing it with your child’s teacher.
  • A 30-day notice is required when withdrawing children from school.
Enrollment Forms

Please click link below to download forms:

Enrollment Application

Annual Health Check-up Medical Forms

Permission to Give Medication in School Form  (must be signed by pediatrician)

Parent Teacher Handbook 2017